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Add a Merch Shop to YOUR website

Place your Merch Shop on your group's site with a simple copy & paste 

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The easiest way to add apparel to your site

A plug & play solution. Embed your Merch Shop within minutes

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Adding a Merch Shop to any site takes minutes. So Easy anyone could do it. 

Secure Checkout

Don't worry about security - We manage everything for you. 100% Secure.

Keep Fundraising

Even sales from your site earn fundraising for your Merch Shop.

Realtime Analytics

Set your payout preferences. Venmo, Paypal, Bank Deposit & more.

Our Marketing drives your Fundraising

Earning you more cash along the way. 

Automated Marketing

Our automated marketing platform works day and night to grow your fundraising


Set discount sales around promotional periods to drive traffic

Seasonal Products

Add seasonal products to your assortment to grow traffic & fundraising sales year round. 

Realtime Dashboard

See exactly how your Merch Shop is performing with sales & fundraising

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